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Planet Explorers [2012, ENG/ENG, ALPHA]

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  • Planet Explorers [2012, ENG/ENG, ALPHA]

    В оригинале: Planet Explorers
    Разработчик: Pathea Games
    Издатель: Pathea Games
    Год: 2012
    Тип издания: ALPHA [ALPHA]
    Таблетка: Не требуется
    Версия: 0.5
    Язык интерфейса: ENG
    Язык озвучки: ENG

    Planet Explorers - удивительная игра в которой смешалось множество жанров начиная с RPG и заканчивая Sandbox. После неудачного приземления на незнакомую планету вы оказываетесь с раненным товарищем "на плечах", а также наедине с дикой и недружелюбной природой незнакомого мира. Все в ваших руках, сможете ли вы выжить на незнакомой земле?! Все зависит только от вас.
    Хочется отметить, что для альфа-версии игра выглядит очень симпатично, мир флоры и фауны выглядит довольно разнообразно. Присутствует возможность крафтинга, куда же без этого на незнакомой планете?!

    With alpha 0.5, we've hit the main part of the game with the reveal of intelligent native aliens as the natural balance for all the power one could create in this game. We weren't able to add too much regarding the aliens, just the first group attacking ai logic, they will just progress from this point onward. Also with this build, we'll be putting our effort into making a push for getting approved for Steam release on Greenlight and have a Kickstarter campaign to further the funding for the game. We'll have more news regarding these two events over the next 2 weeks. We will need your support then!
    What's new in this build:
    - switched over to Unity's mecanim animation system, saving the game over 300MB in memory
    - ability to fight while on the move (press the x key to arm weapon)
    - added rivers
    - added new missions that starts to highlight the differences between the Earth and Martian parties
    - added new npcs
    - added new enemies (sentient aliens!)
    - added new resources
    - ability to make multi gun muzzles
    - ability to make driven vehicles
    - ability to put weapons on driven vehicles
    - ability to trade creations (they're by the game saves in the Document folder, just take them out and give them away)
    - laser and missile turrets
    - able to see structures that are built up to 1km off- environmental fog
    - better looking terrain with perlin noise
    - optimized terrain generation so that you'll not be able to outrace it anymore
    - options is now working
    What we took out for now:
    - launcher, this one's done but sitting there waiting for a0.6
    - online/lan multiplayer, too much stuff going and we don't have enough manpower to cover this area entirely, it's working somewhat but not tested. We might have the lan version up first in the next alpha build actually (yes, even though lan versions invite pirates, we owe it to ourselves and gamers to make a fun game)
    - generators, the basic programming is done but tweaking the numbers will take a while
    - caves, we will have a new and better system ready by a0.6, but we didn't have time to implement it this time
    - face morphing, we'll have a new version of this in the future that's more efficient, for now, nochanging the body shape or face shape, you'll still be able to change skin and eye color as wellas face types

    Planet Explorers [2012, ENG/ENG, ALPHA] Planet Explorers [2012, ENG/ENG, ALPHA] Planet Explorers [2012, ENG/ENG, ALPHA]

    Системные требования:
    • Dual 2.0Ghz or above CPU.
    • DX10.1+ compatible GPU.
    • 3GB RAM.
    • 1GB HD Space.

    Установка игры:
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